Community Education

We educate and engage the community and visitors through activities themed on local environmental topics and current issues. These take place at special events we sponsor or attend, and include films, speakers, presentations and other type of education. We are expanding the use of social media and video to communicate and disseminate knowledge and awareness of environmental science and ecology, current issues and other topics of interest to our community.

In 2015, we reviewed the ongoing effects of human-caused climate change on our bioregion, resulting in the Renew Siskiyou climate adaptation study which has helped guide our program development priorities.

Each summer, we sponsor Family Nature Walks which engage young people and their families in environmental education.

Also, we coordinate and edit the Sustainability Column in the Mount Shasta Herald on general environmental topics, and encourage writers to submit story ideas to

Please let us know your thoughts about topics of interest, what you’d like to learn, and any other ideas for content.