Policy Advocacy

We stay informed and communicate regularly about ongoing and emerging issues, to successfully advocate for policies that support our mission. It’s important to have a strong, local grassroots, science-oriented, independent environmental organization, ready to do unbiased independent analysis, and “call it like we see it”.

We maintain professional, strong, high integrity and intentional two-way communication with elected officials and government agencies as we seek to enact policies that support our mission. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we fully support and comply with laws and regulations limiting political activity by organizations such as ours. We cannot endorse candidates for office, but will provide factual information and analysis.

The Powers That Be

Here’s our listing of the federal, state and local governments, elected officials and agencies that make decisions affecting our bioregion.

Issues We’re Tracking

This section of our website also includes position papers and research on a variety of important policy areas. Also see the sidebar for policy advocacy blog posts. Highlighted current issues include:

  • Sustainable Communities
  • Public Lands – Cascade/Siskiyou National Monument, Ruffey Rancheria, user fees
  • Klamath River Restoration and Renewal – dam removal
  • Shasta Dam Raising
  • Cannabis Regulation
  • Water Bottling (also part of our Headwaters program) – Roseburg/Crystal Geyser water grab in Weed, Crystal Geyser plant in Mt. Shasta, McCloud Partners project in McCloud