Living with Fire and Smoke

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Molly Brown: We have only seen our mountains a few times since lightning started the Nachez Fire to the northwest. It got much worse when the Carr Fire blew up. Now whatever way the wind blows, we get smoke.

Ruffey Rancheria, What’s That?

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The strange and fascinating story behind Rep. Doug LaMalfa's bill to restore rights to a Native tribe which a recent study says didn't exist! Is this about water, or casinos? We don't know!

Mount Shasta Monarch and Pollinator Program

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Arielle Halpern: Every year, Mount Shasta plays host to migrating monarch butterflies. Not only are monarch butterflies one of a number of important native pollinator species, they are a species that has been given a great deal of attention in recent years because of their extreme decline due to habitat conversion, pesticide use, and climate change.