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We are a community of people inspired to preserve, protect and restore our world-renowned mountain environment.

We advocate strong, enforceable protections for our mountain, for clean air and water, for healthy forests and wildlife habitat. We support a community informed and engaged with the issues and ready to act. We expect leaders and decision makers to learn, understand and act appropriately for citizens and the land, above the influence of outside and exploitive interests.

Collaborating with like-minded groups within and beyond our area, we support the best science-based practices for managing resources. We tell the compelling natural and cultural story of our mountain, as we invite and activate people to appreciate and explore it.


We recognize the Mount Shasta area as a special place.  Our work respects its land and water, and as responsible citizens we believe its managers must acknowledge the unique and irreplaceable contribution the region makes to the state of California and the world.

Through this common vision, we continue to succeed and ensure Mount Shasta’s outstanding environment will always thrive, attracting visitors from all over the world to explore, enjoy, connect, and recharge.  Local citizens, engaged and informed, each day are committed to stewardship. All people may appreciate our interdependent relationship with the living and non-living aspects of the natural environment.  Local leaders, understanding the intrinsic value of this place, will not consider incompatible uses and shortsighted resource extraction as options. Together, we preserve our forests, watersheds, pristine waters and majestic landscapes for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.