Summary of
2016 Treasurer’s Report

March 11, 2017
Available on Request

The Ecology Center ended 2016 financially stronger, though both revenue and expense declined from the previous year. Operations in 2016 resulted in a gain of $13,250 compared with a loss of $10,366 in 2015.

For 2016, we implemented a new staff time tracking system which let us more accurately allocate payroll expense and taxes among program and funding categories. In early 2016, we developed a strategic plan (including financial and operational components) and accomplished many but not all of our objectives due both to contribution shortfalls and the demand of outside jobs/activities on our part time staff.

As 2017 began, we hired two new staff – a Development and Communications Director and a new Administrative Assistant – and signed a new contract for bookkeeping and financial reporting services. We continue with a strong emphasis on existing programs combined with an intentional approach to program development. We are positive about our future opportunities.


Total income for 2016 declined to $83,787 compared with $96,560 (-13%) the previous year,  primarily due to reductions in individual and business contributions.

  2016 2015 $ Change % Change
Contributions 16,610 30,644 -14,035 -45.80%
Grants 46,815 45,425 1,390 3.06%
Fiscal Sponsorships 6,461 6,268 193 3.08%
Special Events 13,901 14,223 -321 -2.26%
TOTAL 83,787 96,560 -12,773 -13.23%

Giving Tuesday revenue declined in 2016 (-39%) as more local nonprofit organizations competed for donations through that fundraising program. Grant funding remained steady as did fiscal sponsorships, with the addition of a new sponsored film project. There is a clear need to restore and maintain strong connections to our traditional donor base and more importantly, to gain new supporters.


Total expense declined to $70,538 in 2016 compared with $106,925 (-34%) the previous year, primarily due to reduced staffing in 2016 and effects of a one-time 2015 expense.

  2016 2015 $ Change % Change
Grants to Other Orgs 300 10,799 -10,499 -97.22%
Salaries 29,533 29,729 -196 -.66%
Contract Services 14,180 33,044 -18,864 -57.09%
Non-Personnel 3,761 3,602 159 4.40%
Facility & Equipment 7,942 7,623 320 4.19%
Travel & Meetings 1,125 3,064 -1,939 -63.28%
Special Events 11,261 15,473 -4,211 -27.22%
Other/Taxes 2,435 3,593 -1,157 -32.22%
TOTAL 70,538 106,926 -36,388 -34.03%

Grants to other organizations decreased because in 2015 we transferred the W.A.T.E.R. group’s funds to their new nonprofit after our fiscal sponsorship agreement ended.

Taken together, salaries and contract services were reduced by $19,060 (about 30% of the combined total) in 2016 compared to 2015.

In 2016, two staff worked fewer hours than budgeted due to outside obligations. Also, our board decided not to lead the campaign for Measure H (Siskiyou County Groundwater Initiative) due to legal limitations on political activity by nonprofit organizations; therefore, expenses and time for a third staff member working on that campaign were not charged to us.

Overall, our special events were more successful this year, with income remaining steady and expenses reduced. Please note that an additional $3500 received in support of the film festival is categorized under grants rather than special event income. Non-Personnel and facilities expenses were similar to the previous year, while travel/meeting and other expenses were slightly reduced.

Fund Balances

Cash on hand (combined balances of PayPal and the Scott Valley Bank checking account) increased from $14,767 on 12/31/2015 to $28,017 on 12/31/2016.

We continue to fiscally sponsor the Community Garden and the “Way of the Mountain” natural history book project. In 2016, we added sponsorship of “Walking Backwards”, a film and book project about the late Karuk Medicine Man Charlie Thom.

The Medicine Lake program was funded by grants from Patagonia and the Rose Foundation. We received the 2017 Patagonia grant just before the end of the year and this plus other remaining Medicine Lake program funds, makes up the majority of our ending fund balance.

Funds also remain which are earmarked for the Groundwater Management project contract.