Family Nature Walks

“If you want to be an environmentalist, that means you have to go outside!”
– Ecology Center Board Treasurer, Andy Fusso

Our Family Nature Walk Program is designed to be a fun and educational experience for community members of all ages. In our technological society, the environmental wisdom and connection our ancestors relied upon is getting lost in the noise. If we want to reverse this trend and grow into a society that is technologically advanced as well as deeply connected to our natural environment, we need to strive for balance.

Family Nature Walks are a multi-faceted sensory experience. We are sure to enjoy a nibble if Mint crosses our path or feel the soft leaves of Mullein.

We have squished and experienced the color changing magic of St. John’s Wort flowers and enjoyed the silly surprise of Cleavers sticking to our clothes! You never know what herbs we will meet along the way but you can be sure we are always respectful of the natural environment and never ingest a plant we aren’t 100% familiar with.

We have the privilege of learning from Cara Saunders, an extremely knowledgeable local herbalist and owner of Bear Wallow Herbs.

2018 Family Nature Walk Schedule

May 12th (as part of the Wild & Scenic Film Fest)
9:30 – 10:45AM
COS Theatre, 800 College Ave., Weed

Presented by Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center and North State Parent Magazine, the first of our monthly family nature walks will be hands on! Join herbalist Cara Saunders of Bear Wallow Herbs for a hands-on workshop and demonstration of how to use local plants as natural remedies! We will meet by the COS theater and take a short walk along the Bear Trail. You will learn how to identify a common weed called “Plantain” and how to use it fresh or prepared as a topical salve. Plantain is a fast-acting remedy for mosquito bites or bee stings and can even be used to pull out a splinter, heal wounds, and calm the rash of poison oak! This is a free, kid-friendly event. Please dress accordingly.

June 16th 
9:30AM – 11AM
Sisson Meadow

Learn to identify more than a dozen plants, some indigenous to this area and some weeds, all with very significant health benefits for people and animals. Herbs growing in and around Sisson Meadow include California poppy, catnip, wild lettuce, queen anne’s lace, red clover, teasel, yarrow, yellow dock, lemon balm, horsetail, plantain, and dandelion. By adding these plants to our home medicine cabinet, we can naturally be prepared for accidents or injuries, prevent disease, and live wildly healthy! We will meet herbs that improve digestion, stop bleeding, calm anxiety, boost immunity, and many more practical and spiritual benefits. Bring a water bottle, sun hat, and come join others in your community who enjoy connecting with nature!

July 14th
9:30 – 11AM
Elsa Rupp Nature Study Area (1 N Old Stage Rd, Mt. Shasta)
**Meet outside in front of Sisson Museum.**

This is a beautiful shady trail that crosses Big Springs Creek.  During the walk  we will learn about local herbs that can improve our health. We will take a close look at Yarrow. This smart herb can both clot blood and improve circulation. We will also see Yellow Dock, whose yellow roots grow in the muddy creek bank and can help us digest our food better.  Free event! All people are welcome.Bring a water bottle, dress appropriately for weather, and come join others in your community who enjoy connecting with nature!

August 18th
9:30 – 11AM
Hedge Creek Falls

North State Parent Magazine
Bear Wallow Herbs