Headwaters Program

Mount Shasta is a primary source of pristine water not only for local residents, but also for downstream agricultural, business and residential users throughout California. Therefore, whatever we do here to preserve water quality and availability can benefit millions of people.

In these times of climate change and drought, these resources face more pressure than ever. Our clean, pure water makes this area special, and we are determined to safeguard it for future generations.

We collaborate with several local groups to address the detrimental effects of water bottling operations and plastics pollution – both nationally and internationally, and by supporting citizens in Mt. Shasta, Weed, and McCloud working to mitigate the harm that existing and proposed water bottling operations are bringing to these communities.

Opposing bad projects is important, yet we prefer proactive approaches. We are involved in the Upper Sacramento River Water Action Group, along with a broad coalition of cities, tribes, NGOs and others that have created an integrated water resource plan, and in turn obtained funding for crucial water infrastructure projects. Also we are providing input into nascent local efforts to meet new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requirements related to designated groundwater basins.

Water will always be a cornerstone of our mission to preserve and protect what is unique about Mount Shasta, and we will continue to develop effective new projects in the coming months and years.