The Mount Shasta Ecology Center would like to share our great appreciation for the following sponsors. In their own way, each of these businesses are contributing to a more ecologically conscious community. Click the logos to navigate to their websites.

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Supporting Sponsors

Barbara J. Semple
The Empowered Healing Mentor

(Photo Credit: Angelica Owens Photography)

Living at the base of Mount Shasta, we are inspired by the natural beauty around us. At Directions, we seek to reflect that beauty in our selection and presentation of women’s contemporary clothing, accessories, jewelry, bodycare products and home accents. As the beauty of the mountain greets us daily, so too is beauty revealed in the simple exchanges, laughter, and moments of connection we share with you at Directions.

When you need printing or copies, Pages has got you covered. Our friendly staff are eager to help you with brochures, flyers, greeting cards, posters, banners, heat mounting, binding and laminating. All your printing needs, plus essential business services…

Our mission at Sereni-Tea is to offer our local and global community a sanctuary to experience multiple levels of healing and transformation with every cup of tea.  We see Sereni-Tea as a beauty-filled place where people are invited to cleanse their minds, bodies, hearts and souls; letting go of what is not needed and consciously welcoming in the New.

Located at the base of Mount Shasta, Shasta Visions has been designing and producing Marbles, Globes & Gifts since 1987. We are a small, fun, professional & enthusiastic company of nature-loving friends and artists, passionately devoted to creating “The Most Beautiful Planets on Earth”. Our Vision & Mission is to inspire caring for the World by creating beautiful products that express love, build awareness and communicate Peace. We know that many of you shop and purchase based on the high value you place on Peace, and our products inspire Peace by their very existence, helping to change the World, one gift at a time!