Recently, US Forest Service Recreation Officer Jennifer Womack completed a detailed, 131 page “Outdoor Recreation Study in Mount Shasta, CA: Public Input to Improve Recreation Experiences along the Everitt Memorial Highway”, and kindly gave us permission to post on our website.

The study is based on brief on-site surveys completed by randomly selected motorists between March 2017 and February 2018, with responses from both local and out of town visitors. Top activities included hiking, sightseeing, spiritual activities and other outdoor recreation. Visitors were generally happy with their experiences, suggesting improvements in signage, facilities and of course parking – Bunny Flat can become crowded at peak times.

We encourage everyone to read through the study which is very thorough and well done, containing many insights of value to our tourism industry, native tribes and the spiritual community, and to the city in general as together we formulate plans for the future.

There is a longer discussion about sound strategies for managing visitors. We at the Ecology Center have long opposed privatization and user fees on the mountain – still, we also value making decisions based on solid factual information. Recognizing where management needs and opportunities exist is a great beginning. We commend Ms. Womack and the USFS for supporting and completing this great research!

Womack Jennifer Capstone Final Draft_12.13.18