YES on Measure P

Our board recommends a YES vote on the Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District’s Measure P on the November 2018 ballot, to levy an annual special parcel tax of $75 for developed parcels, and $40 for undeveloped parcels, restore and repair parks infrastructure and construct new facilities.

For many years, Mount Shasta City Park has been the site of our annual Earth Day celebration, and we’ve had a great working relationship with the parks district staff. The buildings and facilities of the park have always been a unique gathering spot for our community, and the Headwaters Spring brings visitors from around the world to explore everything our area has to offer – it’s a lynchpin of our economy.

Last April during Earth Day, we found out first hand that yes, the district’s septic and wastewater systems definitely need repair. Don’t ask how we found out.

In addition to these needed repairs, there’s a long list of beneficial projects the measure will fund – building and roadway improvements, tennis court, pickleball courts, sport lighting, playground equipment and more.  Local governments are limited when it comes to finding the money for operations and changes to community facilities such as our parks. This parcel tax will cost you less than a daily latte – so worth it!

For full details on Measure P, please see the district’s website and the Friends of the Parks Mt. Shasta Facebook page. Please lend your support to this well needed local campaign!