Senior Program Director

Position Announcement

Since 1988, our organization has played a pivotal role in preserving the Mount Shasta bioregion, including not only natural interconnected systems, but also the cultural layers which constitute a human relationship to the land. We work through public education, science-based public policy and advocacy, legal challenges, restoration, watershed monitoring, forest stewardship, collaborative partnerships and alliances, and engaging the local community to protect our bioregion.

We are seeking a Senior Program Director with a strong environmental science background to lead program development and accomplishments, working in Mount Shasta as an employee, 80 hours per month to start, plus additional hours as necessary and during peak periods. This initially pays $20/hour DOE, with potential future pay adjustment depending on growth within the organization, performance reviews and the availability of funding.


The Senior Program Director leads and coordinates the organization’s program activities, under supervision of the operating committee of our board of directors. Duties will include:

  • General nonprofit organization and program management, including development of strategic plans and budgets to further our mission, and the subsequent measurement and evaluation of results.
  • Research and dissemination of valid and well-recognized scientific and technical information regarding best practices to preserve and protect the cultural and environmental quality of life in our area. This includes particular emphasis in the areas of forestry, watershed and wildlife management, air quality and mitigating possible adverse impacts from economic development.
  • Program development and grant writing for innovative and ongoing activities to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Policy advocacy, providing leadership while interacting with other groups, governmental and administrative agencies in our area.
  • Assisting with community education to disseminate information and awareness of good science and policy options in alignment with our mission.
  • Assisting with efforts to protect the Medicine Lake aquifer from geothermal fracking, and championing other programs of the organization as needed.


The ideal candidate has a strong passion to preserve and protect the Mount Shasta Bioregion. This person will possess high levels of integrity and responsibility, with a commitment to ascertaining true facts and creating well-reasoned analyses. They will combine solid leadership abilities with extensive scientific knowledge.

Candidates should possess a strong environmental science background, including a bachelor’s (or preferably an advanced) degree in a related field. This should demonstrate strong teamwork and communication skills, and a professional, collaborative approach to interactions with stakeholders, supporters and others within and outside our organization.

Interested persons may apply by sending a resume and cover letter/email to We will begin reviewing applications starting October 15, 2017.