Forest and ecosystem restoration including pollinator programs

25 08, 2018

Fire Safe Building Materials


Fire Safe Building Materials A class with Steve Quarles This one-hour class from the website of the California Fire Science Consortium covers information on different home design and building material issues relevant to wildfire safety for homeowners in fire-prone areas.

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18 07, 2018

Mount Shasta Monarch and Pollinator Program


Arielle Halpern: Every year, Mount Shasta plays host to migrating monarch butterflies. Not only are monarch butterflies one of a number of important native pollinator species, they are a species that has been given a great deal of attention in recent years because of their extreme decline due to habitat conversion, pesticide use, and climate change.

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27 06, 2018

BYOB: Farmer’s Market


Molly brown: Why doesn’t the Market require compostable bags?  Well, it turns out that when compostable bags get mixed in with plastic bags in recycling, they literally gum up the works.  And it’s very hard to separate compostable bags from plastic bags, because they look pretty much the same. 

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